About Peonyx


In our modern world, people are spending increasing amounts of time simply sitting - at a desk, on the couch, at the table - often leading to a more sedentary lifestyle overall. However, our bodies are built to run, walk, climb, and move with dynamic variety! A static lifestyle can lead to a weaker musculoskeletal system, often contributing to chronic pain in areas like the neck and low back, also making it much easier to injure ourselves when performing everyday tasks (cleaning the house, going for a run, lifting up a baby, etc.). On top of that, movement simply becomes less enjoyable, more laborious, and takes a toll on our state of mind and overall wellness. Joseph Pilates, a pioneer in the exercise industry and the creator of the Pilates exercise system, famously said "physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness." We couldn’t agree more.

Joe’s philosophy that movement is a form of therapeutic mind-body connection is one that we’ve adopted and now bring to you.


Peonyx is a boutique-style Pilates studio, but our mission reaches far beyond the realm of exercise and fitness. At Peonyx, we are dedicated to enriching the lives of our clients and community through therapeutic movement and education. From the moment you step through our doors, whether physically or virtually, you will find yourself within a space of possibility, where you can grow, change, and find new freedom within yourself. We offer a wide variety of movement opportunities - from private sessions, to small group classes, to educational programs - and we welcome clients of any age (starting at 8 years old) and any fitness level. We assert that movement is for everyone - whether you are recovering from an injury, want to improve your posture, or simply desire fun and fulfilling exercise - and we will offer you a unique program designed specifically for you by one of our Movement Specialists. At Peonyx, we believe that personal well being reaches well beyond physical fitness.

Our vision is to create a space where you can work towards finding balance on all levels - physical, mental, and spiritual. We would be honored to support you on your wellness journey.


The name “PEONYX” is made up of two words - peony + onyx. Peony is a flower, onyx is a stone. This is a combination of femininity and strength, softness and durability, calm and confidence. This is what you will experience in our studio - the strength of body and the spirit of femininity. PEONYX is a combination of mind and body.

Our team

Anya Volodina

CEO & Founder

Movement Specialist, Movement Educator, Registered Nurse

Anya moved from Russia to Canada when she was 13 years old and already knew that she wanted to do something in life that would help people. She graduated from Ryerson University with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing but, after more than 10 years working in the pharmaceutical industry in both Canada and the US, she realized that she had still not yet fulfilled her dream. By this time, she had also been practicing reflexology, meditation, aromatherapy, Yoga, and Pilates. She began to notice that after Pilates classes, everyday life was more enjoyable, fitness goals were more achievable, and she had a lot more energy to participate in different activities.

Anya went on to complete the Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training and is now proud to be Polestar Pilates Studio Practitioner! Polestar training uses gentle yet challenging moves that transform your body into much more than just being fit. Polestar Pilates focused on whole body wellness. Polestar Pilates mission is “to shape world health by making whole body fitness available to everyone, with science-based techniques, intelligent movement and the uniform development of muscles, resulting in complete mastery of body and mind.”

Anya’s goal for clients is to have them walk out from a session feeling like they had a great workout, while at the same time feeling relaxed as if they had a full body massage, AND feeling tranquil and peaceful, as after meditation. Her medical background and experience working with people is a perfect supplement to her Pilates practice. It allows her to reach amazing results in her own practice and with her clients. It’s reassuring and rewarding to hear how people’s lives have changed after Pilates and she feels inspired by the fact that she helps people, knowing that now she is on the right path. LIVE IN MOTION!

  • Private Therapeutic Movement Sessions
  • Private Pilates Sessions
  • Pilates Teacher Trainings
  • Pelvic Floor Workshops
  • Private Reflexology Sessions
  • Private Reiki Sessions
  • Guided Group Meditation
  • Online Pilates Privates

Sabina Bulakhtina

Movement Specialist, Stretching & Pilates Instructor

As a young adult, Sabina found herself working a corporate job, but was also teaching fitness and stretching classes as a hobby on the side, realizing it was her true passion. Originally from Russia, Sabina trained in gymnastics in her younger years and began working in the fitness industry in 2013. Three years later she started teaching private and small group stretching classes. Upon moving to Canada two years ago, she also began to study Pilates and went through the PEONYX Pilates Teacher Training course for Matwork in 2020.

Sabina loves helping people achieve their goals and shows them they can do more than they think. When she teaches she pays attention to the needs of each person and works to meet individuals where they are at and challenge them to grow. She loves creating dynamic group class experiences, ending with clients feeling as if they have had a workout, a massage, and a stretching session all in one!

  • Stretching Group Classes
  • Pilates Group Mat Classes
  • Private Stretching Sessions
  • Online Private and Group Stretching

Vlada Tarapunets

Movement Specialist, Pilates Instructor


Originally from Kazakhstan, Vlada moved to Canada after high school. Sport has always been a significant part of her life. As a child, Vlada pursued rhythmic gymnastics for five years, and during her teenage years, she immersed herself in Latin Dance. Most of her hobbies are active, including snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, cycling, and paddleboarding. After completing the Hotel and Restaurant Management program at Seneca College, Vlada worked in the hospitality industry for four years.

However, she came to the realization that her true passion lied in a more creative field. Inspired to explore her creativity, Vlada ventured into starting her own photography business. It was during this time, while working on content for Peonyx Studio, that she crossed paths with Anya. Anya introduced Vlada to pilates and encouraged her to try classes at her studio. Surprisingly, pilates had a profound impact on Vlada's life, making her more aware of her body and alleviating her constant back pain. Witnessing the remarkable work of the Peonyx team, Vlada felt compelled to join their mission of helping people achieve better health, strength, and happiness.

  • Private Therapeutic Movement Sessions
  • Pilates Private Sessions
  • Pilates Group Sessions
  • Pilates Group Mat Classes

Estie Spivakov

Movement Specialist, Yoga & Pilates Instructor

Estie is a certified yoga instructor (250 hr teacher training, 50+ hour Yin yoga training), and she is also a student of Kinesiology and Health Sciences at York University. She has been a competitive dancer for most of her life, and has been teaching dance, conditioning, and flexibility classes to kids and adults for 6 years. Estie began practicing yoga as a way to relieve stress and recover mentally and physically between strenuous training sessions and dance competitions. She has always considered movement to be the best form of therapy, and even more so when combined with mindfulness, presence, and awareness.

In her classes, Estie strives to work with students on self-awareness in order to lead them on a path toward developing a deeper understanding of their bodies and minds. Her classes also focus on finding alignment and stability within each posture, leaving students with a feeling of strength, length, and confidence. She enjoys working with all groups of people, encouraging students to overcome challenges on the mat and, by doing so, hopefully inspiring them to apply the same approaches off the mat.

  • Private Yoga Sessions
  • Group Yoga Classes
  • Online Privates and Group Yoga

Tanya Baran

Movement Specialist, Pilates Instructor


Tanya is the dynamic force propelling our Pilates studio forward! Tanya's fervor for fitness was kindled during her childhood and gained momentum when she relocated to Canada from the former Soviet Union at the age of 13.


From high school to university, she diligently pursued elective courses focused on fitness and leadership, nurturing her passion for staying active and healthy. Tanya's fitness journey led her to explore ballroom and Latin dancing, as well as various exercise modalities. However, it was at Peonyx Studio, immersed in the world of Pilates, that she found her true calling. Pilates not only captured her heart but became her ultimate obsession, offering transformative benefits both physically and mentally.


As an interior designer, Tanya recognizes the significance of crafting spaces that promote well-being. Witnessing her clients happy and content brings her joy. Yet, it was through teaching Pilates that she unearthed her genuine sense of fulfillment. Teaching allows her to make a positive impact on people's lives, helping them feel amazing in body, mind, and spirit. The ultimate reward for Tanya is observing the progress and newfound confidence her clients achieve.


With a diverse background in fitness, infectious energy, and an unwavering commitment to continuous learning, Tanya stands as an invaluable asset to our studio team.

  • Private Therapeutic Movement Sessions
  • Pilates Private Sessions
  • Pilates Group Sessions
  • Pilates Group Mat Classes

Natasha DiLorenzo

Movement Specialist, Pilates Instructor


Natasha's journey through movement is truly inspiring. From her early days in dance and competitive cheerleading to her adult life filled with various workout classes and HIIT, she has always been immersed in physical activity. However, after experiencing an unexpected C-section during childbirth in 2022, Natasha found herself needing to recover and adjust her fitness routine.


Turning to Peonyx for private Reformer sessions, Natasha experienced a remarkable transformation both physically and mentally. Pilates became more than just a form of exercise for her; it became a way of life. Recognizing the profound benefits it brought to her mind and body, Natasha made the decision to deepen her commitment to Pilates by enrolling in Reformer & Mat Pilates teacher training.


Despite juggling the roles of wife, mother to an active toddler, and a full-time job in the tech industry, Natasha firmly believes in the power of mindful movement to optimize performance and well-being. Her philosophy emphasizes the importance of letting go and being fully present in mind, body, and spirit.


With her infectious energy and dedication, Natasha creates a welcoming and revitalizing environment for her clients. Whether they are seasoned practitioners or newcomers to Pilates, Natasha encourages everyone to join her in the transformative power of movement.


As Joseph Pilates once said, "Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things," and Natasha embodies this ethos through her commitment to Pilates and her passion for helping others unlock their potential through movement.

  • Private Therapeutic Movement Sessions
  • Pilates Private Sessions
  • Pilates Group Sessions
  • Pilates Group Mat Classes

Our studio

When you arrive at Peonyx, you will find yourself in a fresh and welcoming space. Our desire is to create an atmosphere of tranquility, a place where you can come, set aside the craziness of life, and just connect with yourself for a while.

Our studio space is fully equipped with top of the line Stott Pilates machines and props, including Reformers, a Trapeze Table (Cadillac), Stability Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, mats, and a variety of exercise props. Our equipment is well maintained and our space is kept clean, providing a safe and pleasant area for you to enjoy moving and exercising.