Private classes

Therapeutic Movement Sessions

Benefit from one-on-one sessions with a Movement Specialist who will design a program just for you and your needs. Using Pilates and other applicable techniques, you will be guided through therapeutic movement sessions designed to help you reach your fitness and wellness goals. Our studio space is fully equipped with all of the foundational Pilates equipment, allowing for a dynamic and versatile session that fits your needs.

Small group classes

Pilates Reformer

Challenge yourself in a class on the amazing Pilates Reformer! Move along with the group as your instructor guides you through an engaging session on this beloved Pilates machine. Never used a Reformer before? Your instructor will happily “show you the ropes” and make sure you feel comfortable and confident in this class.

Pilates Mat

Feel connected to your breath and your “powerhouse” (your core) as you take a Pilates Mat class. Using classic Pilates mat exercises, your instructor will lead you through a full body movement session that is both mentally and physically invigorating.


Enjoy the benefits of this ancient practice in a Yoga mat class. Find a deeper understanding of your body as you learn challenging and satisfying postures and movements. Be empowered as you learn to control your own body and achieve new levels of strength and flexibility.


Explore new sensations and achieve your goals in a stretching class. Learn how enjoyable stretching can be in this guided session. Come however you are, leave feeling rejuvenated, lengthened, and accomplished.

Open Air Pilates

Reenergize your body by starting your morning with an Open Air Pilates class on the mat. Join us for a time of connection with yourself and others outside in the great outdoors. (Available as special events during warmer months.)


Join any of our mat classes from wherever you are in the world and experience the joy of movement from your own home.

Specialty classes


Pre/Post Natal Pilates is recommended to women during pregnancy and after delivery. Due to the nature of individual needs, semi-private or private classes would be best suited during this time. It is best to start exercising before pregnancy; however, it is absolutely safe to begin during pregnancy, providing there are no contraindications.

Teen Pilates

Pilates for Teens can be either Matwork Pilates or Pilates Equipment. In the modern world, children are drawn to electronic devices and spend a lot more time sitting than playing. They definitely develop faster when it comes to technologies; however, their bodies are starved for essential movement or simply playing outdoors.