Pilates Teacher Training

This Course teaches the practical skills needed to become proficient with techniques, sequences, and principles of movement in Pilates.
You will learn 18 Pilates Mat exercises for beginner and intermediate levels, along with 6 basic Pilates principles, to understand the background and foundation of each exercise. This course will begin to explain the structure and the sequence of building the group class and private practices.

Pelvic Floor Workshop

What exactly IS my pelvic floor and how important is it? Is it functioning properly? How can I know? If you’ve ever had similar questions come to mind, our Pelvic Floor Workshop may be just the place for you to find some answers. Your “pelvic floor” is a term tossed around a lot, but often without clear explanations that lead to understanding and peace of mind.

Brazilian Butt Workshop

In our Brazilian Butt workshop you will experience noticeable changes within 4 weeks, including: A lifted, heart-shaped booty, sculpted glutes, legs and thighs, lean muscles creating hourglass body-image, pelvic alignment, gait stability, decreased low-back pain, and good posture.