What exactly IS my pelvic floor and how important is it? Is it functioning properly? How can I know?

If you’ve ever had similar questions come to mind, our Pelvic Floor Workshop may be just the place for you to find some answers. Your “pelvic floor” is a term tossed around a lot, but often without clear explanations that lead to understanding and peace of mind.



What to Expect

In our workshop, we will provide you with a comprehensive description of pelvic floor anatomy and discuss its function and purpose. We will also discuss what loss of normal function might feel like. We will then guide you through an exercise routine that will aid in maintaining or restoring healthy pelvic floor function. You will also receive a video to use at home and a journal with visuals of all the exercises, areas for note-taking, and a chart for progress-tracking. 

This workshop is a space for everyone to feel welcome and comfortable. We will take time to answer any questions and facilitate a safe environment free of shame or judgement. Included in this workshop is a guided meditation with chimes and spoken word, designed to help you connect to the present and find peace within yourself. At Peonyx we believe that the first step to physical wellness is mental and spiritual wellness. Consider joining us at our next Pelvic Floor Workshop!
Our Pelvic Floor Workshops are available in person and virtually!